Medical History
October 25, 2018

Medical History: How to Help Your Doctor Help You

Giving our medical history over and over and over at Medical appointments can be very stressful!  I can’t count the number of times I have had to layout my medical time line throughout my pain journey.  While working on my memoir I had to do it again, to
pain scale
October 18, 2018

4 Helpful Way To Communicate About Pain Beyond the Pain Scale

4 Helpful Way To Communicate About Pain Beyond the Pain Scale Let’s talk about  the Pain Scale today, shall we?  As a patient, I HATED them. I would go into an appointment hoping to talk about how the pain was affecting me and my life and my ability
October 16, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 10 & 11 Lauren: Opiates, Procedure Seeking, and the Power of Perspective

Opiates, Procedure Seeking, and the Power of Perspective Meet Lauren! My name is Lauren , I grew up in Alaska, Eagle River mostly ,but I have lived all over south central Alaska. I am approximately 29 years +2 is what I tell my kids. I have 5 children
chronic pain patients wish medical professionals understood
October 4, 2018

A Heartfelt Plea to All Medical Professionals from those Experiencing Chronic Pain

Dear Medical Professionals, I am pretty sure none of you read my blog.  It’s really written to patients suffering from low back and SI joint pain.  Today, I am asking you to read it.  If your a practitioner, please share this.  It’s about what chronic pain patients wish medical
pain management
October 2, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 09 Bethany: Pain Management, learning to help yourself

Listen in as Bethany shares her struggle with pain as a newlywed and a new teacher. We chat about lumpy SI belts, the depression that sneaks in when you lose the ability to do the things you love. Just how desperate most people are to simply do “the
SI Joint Fusion
September 27, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 08 Trish: SI Joint Fusion

Restoring YOU Ep 08 Trish: SI Joint Fusion Listen in as Trish shares very candidly about her experience with persisting pain and its effect on every aspect of her life. From the depth of devastation her pain brought. The effects of fear in her life and on her
guilt and shame
September 5, 2018

Guilt and Shame

Guilt and Shame These 2 insidious creatures, guilt and shame,  seem to accompany pain the longer we travel on that road. I find them detestable in the way they hurt my self and my friends. I want to take a look at this because I think these emotions
Pelvic Pain Erin Jackson
September 4, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 07 Erin Jackson: Pelvic Pain

Restoring YOU Ep 07 Erin Jackson: Pelvic Pain Listen in as Erin Jackson from Inspire  talks about her experience with persistent pelvic pain,the reality of traveling to find care for pain that persists and how her journey helped her discover a whole new life she never knew
What do my MRI results mean
August 25, 2018

What Do my MRI results mean? What does this mean about my pain?

What Do my MRI results mean? I hear this one a lot. Got my X-ray results, MRI results, CT results, Bone Scan results on my low back/ SI joint and they really didn’t find anything. What does this mean? What do my MRI results mean?! How do they
Pregnancy after Ifuse
August 22, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 06 Liz: Pregnancy after Ifuse

Episode 06 Liz: Pregnancy after Ifuse Enjoy this episode where Liz shares about her pregnancy after Ifuse &  the struggle being a military wife with two young boys at home while experiencing chronic SI pain. Learning to entertain them from the couch with sock doge ball. She realizes the importance of her mental
Back pain relief and peeing while running
August 14, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 05 Chloe: Back pain relief and Peeing while running

Restoring YOU Ep 05 Chloe: Back pain relief and Peeing while running Listen to this refreshingly honest interview in Chloe Pedley from shares her story of how she got Back pain relied by challenging beliefs and how she learned to lean on fences to get her groove back.  In
pain journal
August 3, 2018

A mindfulness journal to help you reconnect with yourself

When pain persists it is not uncommon to lose pieces of ourselves and not even realize it. I’ve written a little 28 day pain journal to help people with the aspects of pain that are not “stretching and exercise”. It grew out of reflection on my own journey
Pool exercises to reduce low back and SI joint pain
July 30, 2018

Pool exercises to reduce back and SI Joint pain

Getting Wet! Have you been told you should try getting in the water to help reduce your pain? You think that might be a great idea but have NO idea what to do once you get to the pool? Here are 5 videos to help you get some
self care
July 13, 2018

Self Care: What is it and Why should I do it?

WHAT IS SELF CARE? Seems kinda silly and self explanatory, right?  Self care is simply, activities and practices we engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and enhance our well-being, which in turn, can change our pain experience. Until I started doing it, I thought it
Cross fit, EDS
July 3, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 02 & 03: Christy Cross Fit and EDS can go together

Restoring YOU Ep 02 & 03: Christy Cross Fit and EDS can go together! In the second and third episode of Restoring YOU join me, Amy Eicher, as I talk with Christy about what it means to be diagnosed with persisting/ Chronic pain and EDS. Listen and learn
Epsom Salt Bath
June 29, 2018

A Hot Epsom Salt Bath: Good for the Soul & the Aching Back

Tending an Aching Back with or without Epsom Salt Often in the midst of pain we get so busy surviving we forget how to thrive. Simple pleasures like a warm bath become too taxing to initiate. Consider for a moment this ritual might be a window towards a thriving
Lower back pain
June 26, 2018

Restoring YOU Ep 01 Katherine: Lower back pain

Restoring YOU ep 01 Katherine: Lower back pain In this first episode of Restoring YOU  join me, Amy Eicher, as I talk with Katherine about her journey through lower back pain and how she found her ability to restore herself with volunteer work, & eventually learns to trust herself & her
heat for back pain
June 14, 2018

Using heat for your pain and how to make your own moist hot pack.

This Hot pack should be comfortably WARM but not HOT…. Would you believe me if I told you they drilled us to say that at PTA school?  It was the most bizarre thing, especially because I don’t think valuable therapy time should be wasted with you sitting or

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