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week 38-39 ( 9 months)

38 weeks
phew… so obviously I have been stuck in a mental rut for awhile. I think I am out of it… for now 😉

I broke one of my post-op goals and ran through the finish line!!!!! I swam a mile on Tuesday and it felt great. 100% accomplished! NO PAIN increase while swimming, none and I kicked my feet the whole way… it was awesome, and I felt great. Can’t wait to do it again next week!

PT planned to tax the tar out of me this week and we did back to back sessions… I did some serious work and sweat and wow… I made it through, it was HARD… it wasn’t class at the gym hard which is where I want to get, BUT it was close. I ended up on ice last night, took a flexeril to sleep, it was kinda better this am, but I said last night I felt like I had been hit by a mini cooper 🙂 FAR better than a mac truck! As an aside I have always felt my pain within a few hours of my workouts – as an athlete, or as a PT patient… Apparently that isn’t the norm… Most people seem to feel the impact 24-48 hours later… so just take that into account as you compare your story to mine!

Today was adapted to fit my body… my legs had to be up in class, sitting hurt, I didn’t run any errands, and came home and studied and didn’t do housework to calm my rear.

38 weeks 5 days

I have had moments of pain freeness in the last few days…. they seem positional, or after much stretching… and they are brief, but they are there… in the midst of my menstrual cycle they are there.
Last visit with PT was totally worth mentioning… it was soft tissue work and really really really helped calm the flair. In my excitement of today I think I’ll add it later.
There has been a lot of emotional up and down about continuing PT lately. but today was really good. I asked about my progress and current deficits. The update was really really good.

My update from PT:
Today he was watching me walk and said that my gait is so close to normal. the irritations and pains I have are actually from me trying to maintain a normal gait and posture…. I wanted to cry…. it was like the sweetest music, the most joy filled psalm. Tears of joy are actually rolling down my cheeks as I type, the hope has been rekindled. that I am still making progress… still moving towards being pain free…… I know I still have “hard spots” in the glutes – they still ache, and my iliospsoas is still on the tighter side….
but even the massage therapist told me the glutes were no longer like rocks, that the muscle was showing signs of elasticity again. That it was more malabale.

Tim also said today that I had good min and medius strength and was no longer leaning out over my body like the leaning tower… and that glute strength is good… but outer fibers still need work… as do abs…. I’ve kinda neglected them…..

I really was starting to think I’d never get… where things were really honestly working correctly… where my posture and gait were nearing normal…. I think I can almost hear Pomp and Circumstance!
It’s a long hard road……… but it’s possible. Don’t let ANYONE tell you it’s not.

39 weeks 2 days

CORE SHORTS…. don’t wait… do it now… if you have stability and are dealing with minorish muscle junk… GET THE CORE SHORTS. I didn’t even get the coreshorts pro ( which have more compression). WOW… I feel like a whole new woman. I feel like I lost 10 pounds, and gained core strength. I didn’t… it’s the shorts… but I feel fantastic. I know I need to hit my core hard and gain more strength there… but as I am building… I’m wearing these. I wimped out on the injections, the steroids, the acupuncture, the botox…. and about a million other means for managing pain post stabilization… but I gave in on the core shorts. I am glad I did! I’ve had them for 2 full days now and I love them. I feel REALLY normal and I like it. So there… compression shorts… do it.. that and foam rollers…. ok moving on!

My other hobby, saltwater reef keeping. I helped out with our annual event this year and it was fantastic to be on my feet that long and not hurt because of it. Last year I was riddled with Oxy to make it through. This year – not even a tens unit!

social anxiety…. mine remains higher than I’d like it. For an extrovert that pegs the scale on extraversion… this is bothersome to me. I LOVE people, and I LOVE my friends… but I haven’t been doing much that doesn’t have to do with PT, muscles, nerves, and a bunch of theories on said things. So… when I get in social situations… I am not real sure what to talk about when people say… so what are you up to! I answer of course, but I realize that I will soon be boring my friends unless I find another hobby…. even if I do have some funny pt stories to share.

Which reminds me… I have one of those to share with you all. Last week after the beat the heck out of Amy session I came in 2 days later still pretty inflamed… so we stretched and treated… and tired something new. You have to appreciate a therapist that is still willing to try NEW methods of treatment after 9 months. So picture if you will…..
An e-stim machine, 4 electrodes, a patient, a PT and biotone ( massage cream).
The idea is that you hook the e-stim up to both patient and PT so that the current is conducted through the PT’s hands into the patient while massaging… takes less time and does 2 jobs at once. Well…. it had been awhile since my PT had tried this and never on a body part without a ton of nerve endings, or in my case… a freaked out nervous system that doesn’t really register sensation readily in my rear!

So… he puts the biotone on my glutes and 2 of the electrodes… then he puts the other 2 electrodes on his hands…. if the picture of the chords and the slight visual of a Frankenstein moment doesn’t at least make you laugh here you need to find a way to laugh… this was funny … chords everywhere. There are a few moments while I am just waiting to feel the current and after he gets things set the way he wants he goes to massage the glutes and ZAP I kind you not… current through my rear into his hands that made him jump back!!!! ( you better be belly laughing now!) WOW that biotone was a GREAT conductor!!!!!! I could not stop laughing…. both our reactions were hysterical…. I just shocked my PT THROUGH MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!! It took awhile to regain composure, on both our parts!

After I stopped laughing he adjusted the current again and was able to massage with the current… it was totally worth the wait. It was easier to feel the deeper he pushed into the muscle, and it really was cool feeling… but I think it might have been a little rough on his hands… his hands felt far more intensity than my rear. God love him for trying it. It yielded fantastic results that really did help reduce my pain and returned me to normal function. Probably best left for arms and legs that have more nerve receptors though ;). Without a doubt my FAVORITE moment in PT ever.

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