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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Footwear, can it really help or hurt?!

It is summer, or at least it’s suppose to be.  I’m sitting here in my kitchen with long sleeves on and a fire in my fireplace while it’s 54 and rainy outside.  For many people though they are breaking out the summer shorts and sunscreen and flip flops.  I’m gonna say it.  JUST SAY NO … Continue reading »

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Tommorow isn’t promised, so “WHY NOT”!

I just left the hospital.  I had to say goodbye to an old friend today.  She’s the mom of one of my very favorite young life  kids, she and her husband treated me like family when I was in college.  So many nights hanging out with the kids at their house, relaxing in the hammock, … Continue reading »

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physical beauty

Every once in awhile a  brave soul asks about how those in chronic pain maintain a sex life, or feelings of being a sexual person, or even just feeling beautiful.  I’ve touched on this topic a few times through out my journey and find my in box full when I do.  It’s come up for … Continue reading »

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