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Monthly Archives: February 2013


Helpful Resources to get you going in the right direction! R. DonTigney  A PT that has contributed much to understanding SIJD.  An excellent resource for self-corrections. Diana Lee  a PT that has also contributed to the understanding of SIJD.  Many wonderful articles down the sidebar of this link helping to understand the role of the … Continue reading »

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The things we don’t say, but we probably should…

With the “gift” of experiencing some of my SI pain again, I find myself wanting to write  many of the things that I thought when I was in pain ALL the time down.  I have had so many conversations with other friends in chronic pain about the things we think, and say to each other, … Continue reading »

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I’m sorry kids, Mommy can’t. – a bitter phrase

It has been a long time since I have uttered these words due to pain.  The words tasted like battery acid crossing my lips, poison, foulness.  I uttered them again this week.  I am in full on -full blown pain.  The burning just like before surgery.  The burning that I have said repeatedly I NEVER … Continue reading »

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