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Monthly Archives: July 2012

What’s your story?

I have a new friend that is getting her masters in English.  She is really a remarkable woman with deep compassion and heart and a lot of insight.  I love talking to her.  We often sit near each other at swim meets, I can’t imagine what it is like to sit near us and catch … Continue reading »

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Living a “normal” life

Ok, I admit it… I have no idea what it means to live a “normal” life.  I’ve always kinda walked to the beat of my own drum as it were.  Life was certainly FAR from normal when I was laying down and on narcotics trying to figure out how to get downstairs to feed my … Continue reading »

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Videos my PT and I did on the SI joint

My PT was gracious enough to ask me what some things are that we could work together to put in a video series for people that need somewhere to start from.  Honestly we had enough information to make a zillion hours of stuff and ideas for days, but these three videos are where we ended … Continue reading »

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