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trigger points: What are they, why do they matter

Trigger points, have you heard of them? I have, and they seem kinda mythical, or invisable.  But then again what part of this SIJD diagnosis isn’t?!  I’ve heard massage therapists talk about them, and along my journey I have had plenty of therapists of all varieties hold down knots in my muscles until their hands … Continue reading »

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Ligaments can and do refer pain!

The firey burn you feel that the Dr’s saying isn’t coming from your discs…. well it might just be your ligaments calling out. The Si complex is made up of many ligaments, and many medical professionals do think our dysfunction can come as a result of ligament sprain….. here is a pain map made by … Continue reading »

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Dermatome patterns: a map of where our nerves send pain signals out from.

What is this rainbow man doing here? Well a lot of the time people with SI issues have SI AND__________. If you have been told you have problems at certain disk levels this generalized map may help you “sort out” some of your pain. As with anything in the human body, few things are ALWAYS … Continue reading »

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What is a muscle spasm and what’s with all the knots

Those that suffer from SIJD often and huge muscle imbalances that join in on the journey to recovery. Once the malalignment has been addressed strengthening of the weak muscles starts. Here’s a good explanation of what’s going on and why. Spasm One important event, which occurs early after an injury, is muscle spasm. This feels … Continue reading »

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Taping for the SI joint

Here is a video of Leukotape for uniltaeral SI issues and Kenesio taping for the SI joint…. If you you have lots of instability or issues on both sides you might need to use the larger X (see diagram above). This will provide more stability for the whole pelvis. Try different things and see what … Continue reading »

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Hypertonic muscles vs TIGHT muscles…

When talking about all the muscle dysfunction that joins SIJD along the way I know I talk a lot about too tight… too weak and that I really mean hyper/hypotonic… here is a great description of the difference and how we can muscles that are too “tight” and still weak at the same time. ___________________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading »

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