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Footwear, can it really help or hurt?!

It is summer, or at least it’s suppose to be.  I’m sitting here in my kitchen with long sleeves on and a fire in my fireplace while it’s 54 and rainy outside.  For many people though they are breaking out the summer shorts and sunscreen and flip flops.  I’m gonna say it.  JUST SAY NO … Continue reading »

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Thinking and living through mud!

My brain is like a very fat tired hamster in a wheel.  It squeaks, and isn’t moving very fast.  I had forgotten how much pain slows you down and makers everything a million times harder.  It’s hard to focus in class, on my studies,on the words coming out of people’s mouths!  It’s really hard to … Continue reading »

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The dance of the Dr’s appointment

I was invited to tag along to a local friends appointment with a surgeons office that performs SI surgeries.  I went along to watch, and to ask “those” questions, you know the ones you think of AFTER you leave the appointment, and to remember all the things he might forget.  The office was nice, grand, … Continue reading »

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